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Übersicht Testberichte vor Anfang Mai 2011

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Ich ergänze mal die weiteren Reviews, die ich schon ins systemkamera-forum eingestellt hatte (hoffe, daß ich keine Doppelung zu Andi übersehen habe):


First Impressions of the Finepix X100 from a rangefinder shooter by Pieter Franken | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS


Ian Wilkinson Reviews the Fuji X100: Real World Use Shooting a Wedding | Enticing the Light


Ricoh Forum • View topic - X100 - my first impressions


Fujifilm X100 Test Report


Fujifilm FinePix X100: Retro-Digitalkamera mit modernster Technik - Video - Video - FOCUS Online


Fujifilm FinePix X100 review - Pocket-lint


Soundimageplus: Fuji X100 - User Experience 1 - Day One

(für links zu den weiteren Teilen nach unten scrollen, Blogg wird offensichtlich in Tagebuchmanier laufend ergänzt)


Gruss CharlyR - der momentan noch "system"atisch fotografiert ;-)

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digital outback: Fuji X100

im diesem test wird von bugs gesprochen:

"People on the net posted lists of bugs (we did not have the time to check into them)"

manche funktionen sind unsinnig, wie "Camera resets many settings (e.g. macro, drive) when you enter playback mode",

aber das ist kein bug im sinne von einem fehler, sonder eher mangelhafte programmierung.

stoeren wird das aber sicher.

aber gibts eine auflistung zu den bugs? :confused:

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hab selber was gefunden:



1. Page 23. Program shift does not work unless flash is set to off, it automatically sets flash to auto when set to program mode 2. OVF auto focus visual confirmation does not work in manual mode when using the AEL button and the focus square is huge 3. ISO settings are not global and the manual fails to describe how it actually operates (change it to global)

4. The way DR works in JPGs is not properly described in the manual and the fact that the DR is limited by the ISO selected

5. In JPG, film emulation modes, Provia and Astia are reversed, that is when Provia is selected one actually gets Astia performance and visa versa

6. The auto flash selection only appears in Program mode but the manual does not disclose this fact

7. Errors in the artificial horizon and frame lines resulting in tilted exposures, also pin cushion errors in the frame lines

8. The user manual states that the focus box size is user selectable; however, it fails to mention that it cannot be changed when using the OVF and it fails to display the size set in the OVF (if it in fact changed it, speculation is that it is not changeable in OVF user mode) though when looking at the LCD it appears to do so (this ties into "c." below

9. When focus box is set to a different size, it reverts back to the camera default on playback or image review. The user should be able to select a desired size and it should be left there until the user changes it. The manual fails to disclose this behavior.

10. When ISO is set to FN button, EVF and OVF operation to change ISO via the COMMAND CONTROL and the CONTROL DIAL do not work the same in each viewing mode, in EVF mode the COMMAND CONTROL does nothing.




Bugs, Possible Bugs & Needed Improvements - X100 Forum


Bugs - Anomalies & Improvements - X100 Forum

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