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Charging XT2 during long duration shooting

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This is my first posting on this forum. I have just bought a Fuji XT2 which, along with more traditional terrestrial pursuits, I plan to use to record meteor trails during 20 sec exposures over several hours at night.  I have, in the past, successfully used my Canon 500D for this purpose. 


To ensure no loss of power over this timescale I have used a dummy battery within the Canon body with the cable ending in a cigarette lighter plug which takes power from a heavy duty 12v leisure battery.  Mid-point in the cable is a box which, I admit I know nothing about!


There does not seem to be any way I can use a similar setup with my XT2.  However, from the very interesting comments on this forum I have googled what I think may be a solution!  Belkin sell a USB-C Car Charger with Hardwired USB-C Cable and USB-A Port…..http://www.belkin.com/uk/F7U006-Belkin/p/P-F7U006;jsessionid=3D754903DAB83A45EBD4ECE3F7DD82AE/


This provides 15watt/3amp charging.  From Hari’s comment on 4 October 2016 (in a post started by Miguel Oct 02 2016 ‘Charging new XT2 batteries) it appears this may work – with the camera safely taking sufficient power for the duration. Being hardwired should make the setup safe from the effects of dew. Comments would be appreciated. Tony
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Hi Tony,


you cannot run the camera with USB power. USB power is only for charging the battery when the camera is switched off. The X-T2 makes some wired things if you switch it on when powered over USB.


Maybe you are looking for this: https://www.amazon.de/Fujifilm-16240872-Gleichstromkuppler-CP-W126-Ladeger%C3%A4t/dp/B008H4RSCE


It's the same like your Canon dummy battery.

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