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can not change aperture with ring

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Hi everyone,

I have XT-30.

I bought a lens of viltrox, 33mm 1.4. I selected following for the aperture priority mode;

- Shutter Time as Auto

- ISO as auto

size of aperture-hole is not changing, when I turn the ring. However I noticed that, when i press half the shutter button, then it changes the aperture to the settings i set.

Another thing, when i dont put shutter time to auto but chose just a value. Then i can change the aperture hole by turning the ring. 

Does anyone has any suggestion how can i just have shutter time Auto and change the aperture by turning the ring.

Thank you.


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Hi there & welcome,

This will not work. In automatic mode, you do change the aperture value by turning the ring, but it will only close to the predifined value when the camera takes the picture.

Why do you need to close it? If you need a control, you have to press the dim button....

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